We provide hardware and software for people to create, explore, and to modify their physical surroundings. We offer sensors and toolkits to get you hacking the city in no time.


We offer workshops for young adults to learn about hacking, digital technologies and how to transform the city into a platform for new possibilities.


Sonify physical actions and transform your own choreographed movements into sonic creations using our open source digital toolkits.






The Augmented Ramp is an interactive skateboard halfpipe transformed into a musical instrument.

Embedded inside the ramp are 16 piezoelectric sensors and 4 contact microphones. Each sensor converts the vibrations from the ramp into triggers. Software processes these triggers and generates sounds, transforming the halfpipe into a musical instrument.

The Augmented Ramp was constructed in July 2012 during the Gagnef Festival in Gagnef Sweden.




Bauxite is an open source portable skateboard box embedded with piezoelectric sensors, customized hardware and software and portable loudspeakers.
As the skateboarders ride on the box, the piezoelectric sensors convert physical vibrations into triggers and generate a selection of pre-recorded sound-samples amplified through loudspeakers.
Skateboarders interact with Bauxite through tricks and movements transforming an ordinary skateboard box into a skateboard-powered music sampler!
People of all ages can perform with Bauxite through physical activity but also by participating in the programming process and creating their own sounds and sonic experiences. Bauxite was demoed in Oslo, Norway in August 2012.




Skatehack is an exploration into the ideas of skateboarding, hacking and open source technologies. It is comprised of artists, skateboarders and designers seeking new ways of interacting with city spaces through the integration of technology, sound and live performance.

Like a skilled computer hacker who modifies code, skateboarders hack their surroundings, transforming park benches, ledges, stairs and handrails into a platform for new possibilities. Skateboarding and hacking are innovative practices which question traditional ideas about public space and ownership.





Like hackers, skateboarders face heavy penalties when it comes to expressing their creativity.

Laws such as PIPA and SOPA threaten to tighten restrictions on piracy while some legislation in some U.S. cities prohibit the use of skateboards on any public road.

In many cases, skateboarders are arrested for breaking private property laws much like a hacker who is accused for copyright infringement.




Open dialogue between civil authorities, the youth and the general public to celebrate skateboarding as a source of innovation and creative inspiration.

Encourage young adults to create, explore, and reshape their surroundings using digital tools and open source hardware and software.

Provide an audience of all ages with a stimulating experience of technology, art and skateboarding in public space.